Vision and mission

Our vision

An internationally leading center that develops, applies, and provides access to large-scale technologies for molecular biosciences with a focus on biology and translational medicine

Our mission

  • To establish and operate large-scale platforms targeted to the needs of the life sciences and medical research communities.
  • To utilize our strengths in skills, techniques, reagents and research materials to establish innovative approaches with broad potential applications.
  • To cooperate closely with other major research initiatives that have complementary areas of interest.
  • To conduct programmes focusing both on evolutionary biology and medical biology, and provide a basis for the understanding of diseases.
  • To target a broad range of topics in cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and infectious diseases
  • To create practical applications for the research results through collaborations with health care and industry.

 Guiding principles

  • A strong research environment
  • A large-scale foundation for large- and small-scale research
  • Scientific and technical quality
  • Value to society