Mattias Jakobsson Lab

Photo of Mattias JakobssonThe research in my lab focuses on developing and utilizing modern statistical methods for analyzing large population-genomic data sets. We use a combination of mathematical studies of population genetic models and computational approaches to understand the complex patterns of human genetic variation, and its association to phenotypes. Advances in modern theoretical and statistical techniques and developments in population-genetic theory now make it possible to provide novel insights into the genetic basis of traits and diseases. At the same time, the availability of new genome-wide data makes it possible to test increasingly more sophisticated hypotheses about complex demographic histories - events that have major impact on the potential for mapping traits and diseases in humans. The key to understand the genetic basis of traits rests on utilizing genome-wide data and well characterized phenotypes combined with state-of-the-art statistical methods. Specifically, we are interested in: human evolutionary genetics and inferring demographic history based population-genomic data, theoretical population genetics, developing methods for searching for genes targeted by recent selection, models of founder events and their implications for patterns of genetic variation, and the impact of demography on gene-mapping. For more information about our research, please visit the Jakobsson Lab webpage.